My first victory

This is the post excerpt.

Hello, guys! I’m Carol Walker from Northern California. I’m fond of cinema, poetry, travelling and painting. As I’m 25 years old, I haven’t found my vocation yet. But I’ve already got something to be proud of: last week I published my first book. It’s about three colleagues who once woke up on a deserted island and had to save their lives running away from dangerous creatures inhabiting the place. All in all, they find a way to escape from the island but it occurs that one of them has been mortally wounded. I won’t retell you the whole plot, all I can say is that the end is unpredictable. It took me half a year to write this book and now it’s a great pleasure to see the result of my work. Hope you like it too!


My attitude towards painting in general and Afremov in detail

Art deserves special treatment

Artists are in constant search for new impressions:

  • They like to contemplate on the subject and discover it from every angle.
  • They listen to others’ opinions but always stick to their own.
  • It’s not interesting for them when everything’s clear and there’s nothing to add.

For instance, I like painting. But I’d prefer speculate about the history of a picture than just read it. That’s why I hate guides who learn their speech from a to z. This monotony kills me. They could as well turn on a recorder and achieve the same ’success’. Why not turn your story into an exciting narrative? Perhaps, if a person really loves his job, he’s gonna improve his presentation without prompting. I won’t dare deal with masterpieces and treat them with indifference!


Trends change

Impressionism is the most thought-provoking art movement for me. Its ordinary subject matter is a benefit – it doesn’t distract a viewer from the most important ingredient of the genre – sensuality. I admire Claude Monet’s landscapes for their delicacy and realistic beauty. Monet studied the movement of light and its influence on color and visibility. That’s why he used various palettes to depict the same image. His works are characterized by accurate, slightly noticeable brushstrokes.

Unlike Claude Monet, modern impressionists aren’t afraid of applying paint thickly on the canvas. They use a special tool for this purpose – a palette knife. Leonid Afremov is very good at this technique! It’s therefore no surprising that he’s a world renowned artist today. Originality is always praised! I’m a big fan of Leonid’s style and a regular visitor of his online gallery.


The sea’s on fire

Do you like vibrant colors? Then see the best of orange paintings here . The water and the sky appear to meld together. We don’t see the horizon. What are the boundaries of this dimension? Are they unlimited? The sun dazzles my eyes and I feel its warmth on my skin. I can also watch a lonely yacht, sailing across the golden sea. What a lovely sunset by Afremov! The artist stops time for us to enjoy a marvelous moment that will never return. He reminds us to appreciate every day and every minute of our life. I find his works philosophical as well.

Can’t pick worthy orange paintings for sale? Are you still staring at the blank walls? Decorate them with astonishing pieces of art by Leonid Afremov instead. You won’t be disappointed, believe me!


The cheapest therapy method

If you like writing as much as I do, you’d agree that a printed text can’t be compared to a hand-written one. Our ancestors put their hearts and souls into love letters. They could even spray them with perfume to add some intimacy to the message. Blurry ink could probably reveal that a woman had cried over the letter. So many emotions were expressed on paper! Callous modern emails won’t tell you how their author feels at the moment. If paper was as eternal as documents on computers, I’d never put my pen down. I’d even purchase this wonderful set https://www.etsy.com/listing/175813225/calligraphy-starter-kit. It contains three nibs, a pen holder, practice sheets, two pots of ink and instructions how to use all these tools. There are even tips for left-handers included. I imagine myself taking a nib, dipping it into black ink and noting down the lines of my next story. I’ve noticed that my work is more productive if I write it, not type. It gives me a certain pleasure to cross something out, to draw pictures on the margin and use different colors of the highlighter. Of course, it’s easier to choose a word editor programme because it underlines and corrects your spelling mistakes. But hey, if you respect yourself, brush up on your grammar and don’t embarrass your school teachers!

I love any kind of writing because it soothes my mind and gives a chance to express ideas no matter how crazy they are. After speaking my thoughts out I feel relaxed and enthusiastic. How about you?